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News and Events:

Leaders In Our Industry.

Erin Henderson Attends Respiratory Protection 101

Erin Henderson, Safety/Environmental Compliance Consultant, recently attended “Respiratory Protection 101” presented by the Wisconsin Safety Council (WSC).

REI Promote "STEM" Careers

NTC is hosting the Wausau Science & Engineering Festival on Friday, October 14th for area middle school students and on Saturday, October 15th for the public. Featured at the event is Michigan Technological University’s Mind Trekkers.

Ken Lassa Attended "Tanks Update"

Ken Lassa, Environmental Scientist and Environmental Department Management, of REI Engineering, Inc. recently attended “Tanks Update” presented by the Federation of Environmental Technologists, Inc. (FET).

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In Our Clients' Words

"As a garbage hauler and recycling operation IROW has many hydraulic systems in use on a daily basis. With our exposure a leak or spill is bound to happen, and of course with ”Murphy’s help” it did. We had a hydraulic line on the very back of one of the trucks fail and before the driver realized it he had traveled 4 city blocks spilling oil! Of course we called REI to help us properly respond to this disaster, that is where I was introduced to your "Spil Kil" product. We had always used the standard granular clay “oil dry” materials but due to its particle size it never really picked up the fine sheen of oil whenever we had to use it in the shop. With our disaster on the street, that would never be acceptable to IROW or the people of the neighborhood.  The "Spil Kil" lifted so much of the oil off of the blacktop that it didn’t even look wet afterwards. One person drove through the spill and onto a concrete driveway, the "Spil Kil" lifted it right off and you couldn’t even tell the tracks were there! Spil Kil is a great product and it helped us look good in the face of a disaster. The township and the people affected where very pleased with our response and the effectiveness of the cleanup. Thanks for having our back!" - IROW, Cory Tomczyk
IROW, Cory Tomczyk