SPIL KILTM General Absorbent

SPIL KILTM General Absorbent is extremely absorbent and easy to use. Compatible with almost any liquid, it encapsulates the spilled fluid and renders it safe for disposal per applicable government regulations. No oily residue is left behind. SPIL KILTM also raises the flashpoint of flammable liquids, making them safer to handle. Additional benefits - SPIL KILTM absorbs more than other well-known brands, and its lightweight feature reduces disposal fees.

Many Advantages

  • "All Natural” product made from volcanic ash (patent-pending)
  • Superior absorbency of all liquids
  • 1 lb. of SPIL KILTM will soak up the same volume as 12.4 lbs. of traditional granular absorbent
  • No slippery residue left behind like traditional granular absorbent
  • Reduced product volume decreases clean-up time by 40%/li>
  • Usable on most carpeted surfaces
  • Will not clog automatic floor scrubbers like traditional granular absorbent
  • Non-flammable, great for high heat scenarios, will not smolder like cellulose or cotton
  • Superior absorbency equates to smaller inventories
  • Reduced space requirements for storage and transport
  • Lower freight costs
  • Reduced disposal costs when calculated on a per weight basis
  • Specialty absorbents also available (fire retardant, biohazard fluid neutralizer/disinfectant, base/alkaline neutralizer and acid neutralizer)

Absorbent Types and Pricing

Unit Unit Pricing Bulk Pricing Bulk Unit Savings per Bulk Unit
General Absorbent 5 Gallon Bag $14.00 $768.00 64/Skid $128.00
466 Gallon PolySac $1,118.40
Acid Neutralizing 5 Gallon Pail $35.00 $1,080.00 36/Skid $180.00
466 Gallon PolySac $2,097.00
Base Neutralizing 5 Gallon Pail $52.50 $1,620.00 36/Skid $270.00
466 Gallon PolySac $3,495.00

For more information, to request a free sample, or to place an order call toll free at 877-REI-SPIL (877-734-7745).  SPIL KIL™ is exclusively distributed by REI.  Contact a representative from REI at 715-675-9784 or 877-REI-SPIL (877-734-7745), or