Here's what our clients are saying:

"The Wausau School District has worked with the staff at REI Engineering for several years. We have used their service for site exploration and design, construction supervision, and traffic flow projects at our schools. REI's staff is responsive, pleasant to work with, professional, and dedicated to the District's needs. They always take a willing attitude to guide the projects they are involved with and work creatively and flexibly to accommodate the economics and timeframe for each project."

Wausau School District

"In working with all the staff at REI on different projects I found them to very knowledgeable in their respective areas of expertise. This was very good, however, even better they are easy to work with and do that little bit extra that makes projects go as smoothly as possible. Last but certainly not least they are very nice people. I have been well pleased with their work."

Merrill Area Development Corporation, JLS

"REI provided our design team with the professional expertise demanded by a sophisticated project involving complex site and schedule conditions. In addition to providing exceptional engineering for this project, REI proved to be an extraordinary asset in regard to their overall coordination and communication skills. Whether their efforts involved the owner, architect, engineers, contractor, utility service providers or local municipalities, REI engaged us all in a manner that greatly benefited the project."

Eckert-Wordell Architects

"I have contracted with REI for services throughout a 25 year span. I have found their organization to be highly skilled and competent. REI staff has always been prompt, courteous and sensitive to deadlines. I will continue to utilize their firm throughout the years ahead."

Robert Henry, Partner, db

"REI consistently provides solutions that are prepared to our client expectations; on time and within budget. Their staff understands the needs of our company and I would recommend REI to any organization."

Daubert Law Firm, LLC

"The whole organization has been very attentive to our needs and have made us feel like we are their top priority. Professional, on time, and on budget. I would highly recommend REI."

Matthew Hattenhauer, MD

"From the initial contact and continued direction and help in direction. I have found REI to be an absolute asset and positive directive to set the pace of my projections and projects to be fully completed on time. Very knowledgeable and professional."

R.A. Plamann & Associates, Roger A. Plamann

"REI Engineering has provided excellent surveying and civil engineering services for our firm and for our client, beginning with an accurate plat of survey on a difficult, sloped site and working closely with our firm to develop drainage, retainage, parking and overall slope protection, along with securing necessary permits for site utilities and storm water management. I look forward to working with them in the future and would be pleased to recommend their services to other clients and other professionals."

JSSH Architects, Roger Johnson

"Your hard work and determination to resolve the DNR issues in Wausau is greatly appreciated. Through your efforts, the Wausau site looks very feasible. The Home Depot has struggled for years to acquire an appropriate site in this critical trade area. Within a very short period of time, your office was able to identify solutions and resolve major issues. I am pleased to have someone of your qualifications to work with."

The Home Depot

"REI has provided Lincoln Community Bank with professional and timely technical assistance. Their personal, technology, and procedures has been extremely satisfying for our clients. It is very satisfying to know that we have a local team that can provide us with excellent services. They always provide the solutions we need to conduct business safely, accurately, and make sure our customers comply with State and Federal regulations."

Lincoln Community Bank, Craig Lau

"In working with all the staff at REI on different projects I found them to be very knowledgeable in their respective areas of expertise. This was a very good, however, even better they are easy to work with and do that little bit extra that makes projects go as smoothly as possible. Last but certainly not least they are very nice people. I have been pleased with their work."

Merrill Area Development, Jack Sroka

"REI exceeded our expectations in all phases of the project - from concept to permitting. Their skilled team was professional, responsive and took the lead in developing a comprehensive plan on a challenging site. REI's services were essential in coordinating between the architect's remote office, the developer and local government. REI was a valuable member of the project team."

Bouril Design Studio, Rob Lackore

"REI did a quick, professional job on my environmental report. I had a limited amount of time to get this done and REI performed perfectly."

Express Lube and Services, Karl Mathews,

"Having a safe work environment is good for everyone . When I decided to take a good look at our safety program two years ago , I hired REI to coordinate the project. At the time I felt our safety program was in pretty good shape, I was wrong! There are too many regulations for the most small businesses to create a safety program that is in compliance with state and federal regulations. With REI’s leadership I am very confident we have a safer workplace that can also withstand the scrutiny of any state or federal agency."

Vortex Tool, Ron Serwa

"I choose REI because all of the staff that I call on at their office is very knowledgeable in there area of expertise and the are very timely in my requests."

Urban Construction, Brian Karlen

"When we built the Candlewood Suites in Rothschild, WI we were very impressed with REI for the quality of work they put out. REI met our time lines, helped us get through local and DNR approvals. We are planning on using REI on future projects that we have coming up."

Prime Commercial, Jim Jacobson

"Ken Lassa and his staff are terrific to work with. They consistently exceed my expectations each time we work together. They are definitely my provider of choice!"

Richard Flamang

"Thank you for a job well done on all the projects I have done with REI up to date. We will be sure to use your company on other projects. Keup up the good work."

Urban Construction Co., Keith Maahs

"Work done very thorough, competent and professional. A problem was discovered and talked about and explained very well."

Wisconsin LP Gas, Kinglsey Forbes

"As a small manufacturing business located in Northern Wisconsin we do not have the luxury of staffing a full-time safety manager at our facility. Even so, making certain that our policies are up-to-date and that we are following OSHA standards is of primary concern to us. For this reason, we formed a working relationship with REI to provide us assistance with our refulatory safety and compliance program. We coun on REI's knowledge in providing us with compliance information along with safety training for our staff. This alliance with REI helps us even the playing field when competing with larger companies."

Merrill Millwork, Jane Maule

"We utilized REI to do an environmental study of the soils near two gasoline tanks during a real estate closing. Andy was extremely helpful in answering my questions about the types of testing available and the nature of the soil tests. Once the testing was ordered the scheduling was done expediently. In this particular instance, time was of the essence in completion of the testing. REI not only got the tests completed BEFORE the deadline, the cost of the testing came in BELOW their estimate. REI exceeded my expectations and I would recommend them highly."

Moneywise Real Estate, D'Anne Grandquist

"REI is a valued supplier of A&B Process Systems. REI is always responsive and has always delivered high quality services on schedule. A & B is a highly satisfied customer of REI and we will continue to use REI as a trusted supplier."

A&B Process Systems

"REI is a company that I recommend very highly for quality survey work. They have always been very professional and their work is accurate. As a title person, I have to rely on the accurate work of survey companies. I always feel comfortable when it is a survey done by REI. I will continue to work with them into the future."

Habitat for Humanity, John Kratz

"As a garbage hauler and recycling operation IROW has many hydraulic systems in use on a daily basis. With our exposure a leak or spill is bound to happen, and of course with ”Murphy’s help” it did. We had a hydraulic line on the very back of one of the trucks fail and before the driver realized it he had traveled 4 city blocks spilling oil! Of course we called REI to help us properly respond to this disaster, that is where I was introduced to your "Spil Kil" product. We had always used the standard granular clay “oil dry” materials but due to its particle size it never really picked up the fine sheen of oil whenever we had to use it in the shop. With our disaster on the street, that would never be acceptable to IROW or the people of the neighborhood.  The "Spil Kil" lifted so much of the oil off of the blacktop that it didn’t even look wet afterwards. One person drove through the spill and onto a concrete driveway, the "Spil Kil" lifted it right off and you couldn’t even tell the tracks were there! Spil Kil is a great product and it helped us look good in the face of a disaster. The township and the people affected where very pleased with our response and the effectiveness of the cleanup. Thanks for having our back!" - IROW, Cory Tomczyk

IROW, Cory Tomczyk

"Working with REI is always a great experience. Jeny, Tom, Ken and all the staff are complete professionals with exceptional insight into our requirements and projects. Their communication before, during and after is impressive. The product is high quality. Highly recommended firm and people."

River Valley Bank, Sara Napezek

"Van Der Geest Dairy Cattle Inc. has been pleased to receive professional services from REI Engineering regarding some of our environmental issues. They have also been instrumental in helping to define our safety program for our Dairy operation. REI has been responsive to our needs in giving their expert advice. From a clients point of view REI prides itself on being a community minded business looking to promote environmentally sound practices."

Mary Kay Van Der Geest

"We have utilized the services from REI Engineering for environmental due diligence, site investigation, remediation and emergency spill response services.  We have been very pleased with the solutions they provided.  We appreciate their knowledge and ability to respond to our environmental needs.  I would recommend REI to anyone needing environmental consulting services."

John Wagner

"REI has been an excellent organization to work with. River Valley has engaged REI for site engineering and surveying, Phase I and Phase II Environmental inspections and have been extremely impressed with their professionalism, diligence and timeliness. They make it a pleasure to do business with them. As we at River Valley Bank would say REI is "INCREDIBLE"."

River Valley Bank

"We were considering purchasing some land next to our clinic’s property and wanted to get some analysis to help us with that decision. We’re a nonprofit community health clinic, so we needed an affordable quality option. The staff at REI were helpful and friendly, and were willing to work with us within our budget. Our experience with them was exceptional and I would absolutely recommend them to other companies looking for similar services." - Bridge Community Health Clinic, Laura Scudiere, Executive Director

Bridge Community Health Clinic, Laura Scudiere, Executive Director

"REI was very responsive to our time sensitive request. They worked in a timely fashion and provided the information we needed to complete the acquisition. We would use REI again."

WSAW, Al Lancaster

"Our family used REI Engineering to survey and divide our property. We appreciated their help in explaining the Town of Maine regulations, obtaining all the required approvals from the Township, City of Wausau and County; and finding encroachments by neighbor on our property. We were very impressed with the documentation, maps, and services provided. They far exceeded our expectations."

Fred Niemeyer

"As a member-owned electric cooperative, ensuring that spills have been properly cleaned up is of utmost importance to us. When we needed help with a spill, REI made the process easy, stress free and handled our situation professionally. They processed all reports and clean up in a timely fashion, and kept us up to date on what was happening. The staff at REI were very helpful and courteous and walked us through the cleanup process. We are glad to have a partner like REI to assist us when the job demands it."

Central Wisconsin Electric Co-op, Dennis Magee

"I used REI for a Phase I, Phase II, Asbestos and Lead inspections. They finished all reports timely and for a fair price. They kept me apprised of their progress along the way. I have been a full time commercial real estate broker since 1985. It is the only career I have had since graduating the University of Alabama. My office is, and always has been, in St. Petersburg, Florida. I needed a company in Northern Wisconsin I could TRUST with these potential deal killing responsibilities. Bottom line, I know who to use in Florida for these services. I was referred to REI from a very reputable company located in Northern Wisconsin. Ken Lassa and REI did not disappoint. I will use them again for my next client assignment in Wisconsin."

Bridgeport South Realty Advisors, Inc, Felix Fudge

"Thanks for the good work! Scott was a really nice, helpful guy. We would definitely use you guys again and recommend you."

Mary Tokarz

"Very up front with me and greatly appreciated the follow up appointment and ability to answer all my questions!!"

Kurt J. Luedtke

"I have used REI on more than one occasion and have found them very easy to work with and fairly priced. They are extremely responsive and make you feel comfortable with the process while making sure you understand what and why the procedures are being performed. They are knowledgeable and patient with customers in complicated matters. I never felt rushed or overwhelmed and they were sincere in efforts to ‘do what’s best for the customer.’ I would gladly recommend REI to anyone."

River Valley Bank, John Griffin

REI led us through the process of working with the correct State office to complete and submit the appropriate forms and tests. They told us what to expect and how the process would work and then REI took care of it, keeping us informed throughout the process. I hope we will not ever have a circumstance to need their services again but if we do there would be no hesitation to contact them.

Credit Union CEO

REI was fast to respond from moment of call. Additionally very helpful in answering any questions that were asked. After initial response, REI kept in contact every step of the way. Couldn't have gone any smoother than it did. Thank you REI!

Green Bay Packaging, Samantha Schroeder

I had a small tank to be removed at a home that was needed to settle an estate. I contacted REI and Ken Lassa returned my call with-in a few minutes and asked questions about my job and had a quote to me very quickly. It was a real pleasure working with Ken as he kept me up to date on the schedule of my project and it was complete when they said it would be complete. If I ever come across a need for a tank removal again I will definitely call REI.

Jim Bartelt

Whenever I refer our firm's clients to REI for environmental, civil engineering, surveying, and safety & health services, I do so in full confidence that they will be in the best of hands based on my long experience in collaborating with REI’s service area professionals.

Ruder Ware, Russ Wilson

Citizens First Bank has utilized REI's services for environmental Phase I reports for several years. I am always pleased with the knowledgeable, efficient, and professional staff.

Citizens First Bank, Eric Moilien

Working with REI really helped to put our minds at ease when we were going through the process of acquiring a new commercial building in Wausau Center Mall. They were very helpful through the entire Phase I process as well as expedient in getting us an ALTA Survey. I would use REI again for my engineering needs in Central Wisconsin.

John P. Pierce