Transportation & Construction Engineering

REI provided extraordinary, award-winning construction engineering services. Our team includes very knowledgeable, experienced, and highly trained individuals - people with common sense who have continually demonstrated the ability to work with project owners, regulatory agencies, and neighboring property owners.

We’re highly skilled in applying technical measures that move both people and goods in a safe, efficient manner, while incorporating relevant economic, political, and social factors that directly impact your project. We work closely with planners to maintain compliance with environmental, energy, and safety requirements.

Our Inspectors have a diverse background in site, roadway and bridge construction observation. Strong communication and documentation skills will allow you to rest at ease, knowing your project is being completed to the highest specifications.

We keep current with many different areas of certifications such as concrete, asphalt nuclear density, and aggregate testing. It is important to us to stay up to date with the most recent guidelines to provide you with the quality inspection you deserve. Construction certifications include:

  • Aggtec-1
  • PCC-Tec-1
  • PCC-Tec-2
  • Nuc Density
  • Agg Sampling
  • Grading

The quality of our full service approach is evident in REI’s many repeat private clients and our on-going relationship with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. We can effectively coordinate between contractor and client to assure your project is done in a proficient manner.

REI’s team of professionals provides services related to construction in the following areas:

  • Asphalt nuclear density testing
  • Concrete testing
  • Construction administration
  • Erosion control inspection
  • Grade verification and on-site troubleshooting capabilities
  • Marsh excavation and wetland protection
  • Material verification
  • Public meeting coordination
  • Soils and aggregate nuclear density testing
  • Water, storm, and sanitary sewer inspection