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High School Students get hands on experience at REI

On Wednesday, April 16th, students from Mosinee and other local High Schools will visit REI Engineering, Inc. as part of the Careers in Action (CIA) Day.

CIA Day is a program designed to give High School students a behind the scenes look at the local business world.  It is a true model for REI’s desire for strong business and academic partnerships. It accomplishes the community issue of recruiting local talent and retaining them for our future.

At REI Engineering, the students will explore careers in Civil Engineering, Environmental/Safety Consulting and Land Surveying through a series of learning station activities that include both discussion platforms and hands-on experience.  The students also have the opportunity to ask REI professionals about their careers and learn more about local projects.

REI Engineering creates three specific stations for the students to explore.  The Civil Engineering exercise offers insight into the intricate activities involving the designing of an athletic complex using Mosinee’s own Mosinee Community Athletic Complex which is currently in design phase.  There is an exciting hands-on activity exploring the finite capabilities of a Total Station and Global Positioning System (GPS) unit used by Land Surveyors.  Students also participate in an Emergency Spill activity directed by REI’s Environmental/Safety Team.  Dressed in full Tyvek suits, students are given instructions and participate in activities involved in the clean-up process.  For many students, this mock chemical spill is the highlight of CIA Day.