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Fire Up for Reading

REI Engineering, Inc. (REI) has a strong culture of involvement in our local community. REI is proud to partner with the Village of Maine Volunteer Fire Department and Maine Elementary School for the "Fire Up For Reading Program”. Students are challenged to read books and then enter into a contest. There is one winner in each grade (K-5). The winners get picked up from their homes by the Maine Fire Department in a fire engine truck. They are then brought to the Maine Fire Department where REI cooks them breakfast and gives them a drawstring bag of books and trinkets. They get served breakfast along with the fire fighters, first responders, Maine Elementary School principal and Village Board members, then get taken back to school in the fire engine.

REI’s Vice President Tom Radenz was the cook this year and states, "Supporting positive behavior is something we can all do more of. Also, witnessing the kids’ faces filled with excitement as they get out of the fire truck makes for a great way to start our day.”

REI donated food, beverages, cooking, and serving breakfast for the students and firefighters.